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Do we accept insurance?

o   Yes, we contract with most major insurance companies, including Medicare, Humana, United Health Care, BCBS Federal, CIGNA.

·         Will my insurance cover the cost of the comprehensive hearing test and/or hearing aid?

o   Most insurance companies cover the cost of the hearing examination if it is found to be medically necessary. You typically have a co-pay that is due at time of visit. Please check your insurance manual for details about your healthcare plan. Regarding hearing aid coverage, hearing aids are typically NOT covered by insurance carriers. There are a few companies such as BCBS federal and commercial insurance plans that offer hearing aid coverage. The best thing to do is to call and schedule a hearing test appointment. With your permission, we can then call your insurance carrier for you and request an explanation of benefits. 

·         What should I expect at time of hearing test appointment?

o   The hearing test appointment typically lasts 60-90 minutes. It is recommended you bring a loved one or someone whom you communicate with daily in order to gain more than one perspective on your hearing difficulty.

·         How do I file a claim against a Long shore company for hearing loss?

o   First step is to have your hearing screened. Only Mobile Hearing Clinic offers free industrial screenings. 

·         Should I put off getting my hearing checked until my hearing loss becomes more of a problem?

o   It is not wise to put off getting your hearing checked. If you or a loved one is noticing you are having hearing trouble, schedule a free hearing appointment today. Putting off your hearing trouble does have its consequences. For instance, many of my patients who decide to wear hearing aids in their 50’s have a more positive hearing aid experience than those patients who put off getting them until they are 80-90 years old. The saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” applies to your hearing health as well.

·         How long should a digital hearing aid last?

o   Typically 3-5 years; depending on use and care by the patient. We recommend having your hearing aid(s) professionally cleaned by our staff audiologist every 3-4 months.

·         Can I purchase an extended warranty on my hearing aid?

o   Yes, you can. Prices vary depending on age of hearing aid. Sales tax applies.

If found to be a candidate for hearing aids, do I need to purchase top-of-the-line aids? 

 o   Not everyone needs an expensive hearing device to communicate better with their family and friends.  Our recommendations are based on your lifestyle and budget.  You  
                             decide how much you want to invest in your hearing.

·         What HEARING AID brands do you carry?

o   We only carry top manufacturer brands, including Unitron, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, GNResound, Oticon, Rexton, Phonak, and Widex. We believe in offering only the best products to our patients as well as a variety. Every hearing aid company has something different to offer. For this reason, we do not believe in limiting our patients to one hearing aid brand. Call 410-4327 today and schedule your free hearing aid consultation.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our office. We will be more than happy to assist you!